Eating out in Faliraki

Eating out in Faliraki

There is a massive choice when eating out in Faliraki, from local fresh fish to pizza & pasta, you name it and its available. Our top 3 picks for #summer2017 are listed below…

The Golden Wok is a premiere Chinese restaurant in Faliraki. Golden Wok proves that not all Chinese food is the same with their fresh, high-quality ingredients, and beautifully prepared dishes. The quality of the ingredients is tasted in every single bite of every single dish. They have an extensive menu, so not only do they offer traditional favourites like Lo Mein and dumplings, but they offer the more exotic Chinese options as well.
The atmosphere of Golden Wok is sleek and modern, taking you away to a completely new world. The one of a kind dining area complements the amazing smells and tastes of the incredible cuisine. The staff only add to the excellence. Patrons leave gushing about how friendly and fast the service was, excited to visit again.

Opera Steak House in Faliraki is known in Rhodes for being the perfect choice for an evening of great food and amazing service. Opera prides itself in using the highest quality food products, focusing on finding healthy food options. They cook with products without additives or that have gone through chemical processing. Every bite, every sip has been thought about and considered for the benefit of those eating. And Opera’s menu isn’t just about steak, though they serve the highest quality meats. They have a wide range of foods, from pastas to local fare. They have a first-class wine list and delicious desserts for ending the night.
The ambiance of Opera Steak House is beautiful. They focus on their setting, from the lighting to the decorations, to make sure everyone is happy. This includes children! A unique aspect of Opera is that they have a children’s area for their younger patrons.

Most customers leave raving about the attention they receive from the owner, Jimmy. Every night he can be seen checking on and speaking with customers, making sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is satisfied. No wonder it won the Certificate of Excellence in 2014!

Greek Spirit isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience. Everything about the restaurant is centred on giving guests a small peak into what Greek culture is all about. The focus of the Greek Spirit is great food, service, and entertainment. The food at Greek Spirit is one of a kind. Everything is made with the highest levels of care. The traditional food is authentic, fresh, and delicious. The restaurant provides an extensive range of options. They have salads and fries as well as local foods. Their wine list is impressive, but their house wine really stands above the rest. Greek Spirit is open all day, serving breakfast to dinner.

While the food alone is worth Greek Spirits amazing reputation, the service is what really sets it apart. The servers go out of their way to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their guests. Not only are they quick and courteous, they go the extra mile to make sure the evening goes the way it was planned.
Greek Spirit is known for its genuine Greek entertainment. The programs they provide for their patrons range from singing to dancing. After customers enjoy watching the dancing, they can participate themselves!

So the only way to enjoy the food on offer in Faliraki is to book a holiday with Club 18-30

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